Benefits of Genetically Modified / Genome Edited Crops


Crop plants are improved by changing the expression or activity levels of two highly conserved genes (eIF-5A or DHS). The ratio of protein products determines whether the cell will continue to grow and divide or alternatively enter senescence/apoptosis and die. A non-transgenic approach through genome editing alters the activity of these gene products by making small yet precise targeted modifications. These stable genetic changes significantly enhance crop traits and have resulted in:​

Delayed senescence/fruit ripening/spoilage, leading to the extended shelf life of perishable produce and floriculture

Enhanced tolerance to diseases and stress (drought, heat, cold, salt, low nutrients, crowding)

Significantly increased biomass and seed yield, especially under stressed conditions

  • 50-300% increased vegetative & reproductive mass

  • Enlarged root structure

  • Enhanced stress tolerance

         - drought, low nutrients, salt, heat, cold, crowding


The Underlying Science

Technology has been validated in laboratory and greenhouse studies in multiple crops.

20-45% yield improvements with little loss of quality was demonstrated in an elite alfalfa variety during two years of replicated field trials.

We seek licensees and co-development opportunities with innovative seed companies in corn, soy, alfalfa, cotton, sugarbeets, canola, potatoes, peanut, beans, rice, sorghum, tomato, wheat, flowers, hemp and many other crops.

Through modified expression of genes involved in a very early cellular switch used to determine plant growth or death, Agribody Technologies has significantly improved food, forage, fiber and energy crop yields and performance.


Extensive Intellectual Property in plant yield genes in addition to authoritative demonstrations of improved crop yields, which include secondary benefits in stress tolerance, disease resistance and improved shelf life, are key enablers to significantly improve the competitiveness of your client’s seed harvest.

Alfalfa transgenic Agribody Technologies higher yields high quality

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