Get Higher Crop Yields

with Agribody Technologies

Agribody Technologies, Inc. seeks to license and co-develop patented crop yield-enhancing technology. ATI leads the crop development revolution with a unique crop genetic technology, shown to increase crop yield, improve stress tolerance, disease resistance, and product shelf life. ATI strives to increase the market share and profit margins of our partner seed companies by providing our patented and validated technology, resulting in improved crops for farmers, more efficient use of scarce resources, and lower prices with better products for consumers.

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Our Story

Agribody Technologies was founded in August 2015 by Jerry Feitelson, Ph.D. and Professor John Thompson, Ph.D. based on intellectual property developed in John's lab at the University of Waterloo, Canada.  Our team is committed to improving plant yields, tolerance to abiotic stress and disease, and product shelf life through genetic engineering or genome editing of crops such as corn, soy, alfalfa, cotton, sugarbeet, Camelina, canola, potato, peanut, beans, rice, rose, sorghum and others.


To meet a growing demand for high-quality, low-cost food, farmers and their seed company suppliers must substantially increase food production and storage efficiency under normal and stressed conditions. Through genetic engineering or genome editing of many crop plants with our patent protected genetic plant technology, our IP covers a key genetic switch with broad applications in multiple plant species. Farmers can grow a wider variety of crops, experience significantly higher yields and stress tolerance, while using the same inputs, reducing risks and increasing profits.


Agribody's technology has been validated in both lab and greenhouse studies for multiple crops.  Most importantly, during two years of replicated field trials, yield improvements of 20-45% were demonstrated in an elite alfalfa variety with little to no loss of quality.

The company was acquired in April 2021 by Global Clean Energy Holdings, a fully integrated field-to-fuel biofuel company with extensive IP covering elite varieties of Camelina sativa:  a second-generation, extremely low Carbon Intensity oilseed crop.


Jerry Feitelson, Ph.D. - VP / Chief Scientific Officer

  • Senior level R&D and business development executive and entrepreneur, with >35 years experience in drug discovery, proteomics, research tools, and agricultural biotechnology.

  • Led research teams that discovered and developed commercially important families of pesticidal proteins, proteomics solutions, advanced analytical chemistry solutions, germplasm for biofuels, and yield-enhancing, stress-tolerance and extended shelf life traits. Founded an ag biotech company acquired by GCEH.

  • Co-founder/early employee at 3 ag biotech companies

  • B.S. (MIT), Ph.D (Stanford), NIH Postdoc (John Innes Institute, UK)